TerraClean Exhausts and Carbon Cleaning

Your car’s exhaust doesn’t just keep the fumes out of your car; it also keeps your car quiet and reduces fuel consumption. Over time, it gets covered in deposits from exhaust fumes. Carbon doesn’t just build up on the exhaust, however. It builds up on combustion chambers, in your Nitrogen Oxide Sensor and catalytic convertors, and clogs up your injection systems.

All this increases your car’s emissions, makes it run louder, and, importantly, significantly reduces fuel efficiency. If you notice your car is getting louder or you seem to be filling up more often, come to Rockfield Motor Services. We’re part of the TerraClean Network of garages and specialise in removing carbon from these essential parts of your car. We use the most refined technology to do what other products claim to do but just can’t.

To find out more about TerraClean Exhausts and Carbon Cleaning in Hereford, get in touch online or call Rockfield Motor Services on 01432 842 901

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